Hormonal changes during the TOTM affecting your hair?

Hormonal changes during the TOTM affecting your hair?

After many years of observation, I noticed, particularly when my hair was chemically altered that during the week preceding my time of the month, my skin would be really odd. Almost waxy, oily with visible pores. My makeup would look so strange. I also made the link years later that my hair became horrendously dry and brittle. Every third period or so, my hair at the front, temples particularly would snap off and become bald. I would see tiny broken hairs on my pillow. Nothing I did could improve the texture or infuse moisture in my strands. I would literally disappear from the world until it was over. I didn’t wear wigs so everything was exposed. As soon as I passed blood, the moisture levels in my hair would return to ’normal’, but I would be left with the shame and aftermath of the balding edges. This went on for years. Sometimes when my hair went through the Telogen phase (resting), I would be screwed because the balding throughout the scalp was heightened until the ‘healthy follicles re entered the anagen growing phase. The unreliability of my hair meant I would try and make plans outside of my TOTM. I  remember installing the app, Flo on my phone  many years ago for this very purpose. It was nightmare! 

I stopped chemically treating my hair in November 2022, and have been using the hair + bod. Scalp + Growth Oil Tonic 4 x per week with a derma roller since then. I also have been consistently steaming and treating my hair with moisture and protein, (dry heat) weekly and 6 x weekly during this time. The broken hairs and hair fall on my pillow stopped almost immediately. I do still experience major dryness and increased shrinkage during my TOTM, but the difference is that I am still left with my hair afterwards - no more devastating aftermath. I do have a solution for the dryness however, but it involves consistent effort in the form of supplements which I still haven’t mastered the art of. I’ll discuss this in my next blog post.

For anyone secretly and silently suffering with their hair, please stay encouraged - It will get better x

- Anon


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